About Fare Price Taxis

Five years in the making, Fare Price Taxis was a painstaking labour of love for founder Mike Jones. A North Wales taxi driver for 25 years, Mike realised he and colleagues lacked a comprehensive resource for calculating fares to new or little-known destinations. He began compiling a taxi fare book with zone and county fares published by local authorities across mainland UK. The book was so popular that Mike, realising the demand, decided to create a website which would calculate fares automatically. The result is Fare Price Taxis, the most comprehensive mainland UK taxi fare calculator and route-planner on the web.

Although Fare Price Taxis are mostly hackney carriage licensed operators - those taxis you can hail on the street or find in taxi ranks - many private operators also use these rates. Some private operators are listed here. Do check with private operators as some have their own fares.



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"I would have paid a lot more had I not used Fare Price Taxis. It turned out a firm further away was a cheaper option!"

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